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Salford, The Lowry, 8 May 2004

8 May 2004
The Guardian
Dave Simpson

John Martyn

Lowry, Salford

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If John Martyn hadn't become a folk/blues/rock legend, he could have knocked out a career as a mimic. At one point, he perfectly impersonates Alf Garnett. At another, he adopts the voice of what can only be described as a northern-English, butch but camp transvestite.

London, Jazz Cafe, 25 Jan 2001

26 Jan 2001
Simon P. Ward

John Martyn
Jazz Cafe, London

Say what you like about John Martyn but there's no doubt that after 35 years in the business he's still taking risks. Tonight he's accompanied by a sax player 1 who offered his services after recording with Martyn in the studio the day before. No warm-up, nothing. And it sounds fantastic.

Edinburgh, Liquid Room, 28 Jun 2000

6 Jul 2000
The List #390
Norman Chalmers

It's more than 30 years since lain McGeachy hit the road south from Glasgow to record his first album -the acoustic guitar-driven period piece London Conversation- changed his name to John Martyn, and began a career in music that, if it hasn't made him rich in worldly terms, has earned the wayward Scotsman critical acclaim and a world-wide following.

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Glasgow, The Ferry, 26 Jun 2000

28 Jun 2000
Glasgow Herald
Rob Adams

John Martyn
The Ferry, Glasgow

Phew, what a scorcher. Not the music. John Martyn doesn't scorch much, being more disposed towards light and mellow grooves -way too light and mellow for the inattentive blethers who, with the Ferry's grow-your-own tomatoes atmosphere, made this latest installment of Martynwatch unusually hard work. Normally, I can consume Martyn to, well, a band playing. Sometimes here, particularly early on, I could hardly hear the band for the chat.

Glasgow, The Garage, 23 Jul 1999

26 Jul 1999
Glasgow Herald
Rob Adams

John Martyn,
The Garage, Glasgow

What a long strange voyage these past 30 years have been for John Martyn-watchers. From boss acoustic fingerpicking through free- wheeling jazz, reggae and hip-hop experiments, the good ship McGeachie (his real name) has sailed, with occasional becalmed moments but with the interest always sustained by the mystery of where journey's end might be.


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