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This section contains some real gems that are hard to find. Also you can find quite a few Voiceprint releases, often announced as 'Collectors Series' carrying the One World label. But also other names are used.

Most of the One World releases originate from restored live casette tapes, mainly by lack of any alternative recordings. The philosophy behind these projects is that musical, historical or sentimental value exceeds the interest of technical sound quality.

Cocain (Record Store Day)

18 Apr 2015
The Bottom Line

Another record for the stores..

A single that could have been released in 1967. But wasn't.
"Produced by Theo Johnson for Folkland Productions"

Issued for Record Store Day 2015. The label is in pink Island style. Original retail price was £ 11.99. Which is steep.

Vinyl 7": Island 472 010-5

The July Wakes

13 Oct 2008
The Bottom Line:

Two CDs of bootleg live material.

Tracks 1-14 recorded at the July Wakes Festival, Charnock Richard, Chorley, 25 July 1976.
Tracks 15-17 recorded at Kennys Castaways, New York, 19 June 1977.

2CD: One World OW136CD


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