Walk On The Water

Written by: 
J. Martyn
1 Nov 1971

She walked to the water
And came back looking good and feeling fine.
And you could tell by her eyes, she was not wasting time.

She walked to the water,
And every light went on inside the town.
You know the love in her eyes, was flashing on the rocks all around.

Down to the water,
She walked and all the people moved aside.
You know the light in her hair so bright, they almost cried.

Saved by the water,
She said when she was right, I know she was.
You know she told me true about all the things I got.

Going down to see her,
Bring yourself and all that you might own;
She can give you the clues to all the seeds you've sown.

Down to the water,
She came back feeling fine and looking good.
And you could tell by her eyes that she always knew she would.

On the 2005 remastered and expanded rerelease of Bless The Weather, this song was renamed to Walk To The Water, which makes sense when looking at the lyric.

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