The Man Who Cannot See Tomorrow's Sunshine

Written by: 
Hamill, Coles
1 Dec 1971

He can't look out the window;
His reflection blocks the way.
And he's got no-one to talk to
But he's nothing left to say.
And he daren't look at the sky,
Because he's scared the sun will cry.
And he's the man who cannot see tomorrow's sunshine.

He never reads the paper,
Because every word's the same.
And they bring back broken memories
Of a man who had a name.
And his life just drains away,
But he has no need to stay.
'Cause he's the man who cannot see tomorrow's sunshine.

When he goes out on a Thursday
That's the only day he leaves
For his unemployment benefit
And his weekly groceries.
And he will never say a word;
And if he does, he's never heard.
'Cause he's the man who cannot see tomorrow's sunshine.

And the man who once lived
Like a real human being,
Is now hiding his life
Never listening or seeing.
He doesn't seem to realise
That his mistakes cannot last,
As he drowns in his sadness
And his guilt screams from the past.

His existence wastes away
As he sits and cries alone.
But he'd never want to change it
Because he knows the wrong he's done.
And so he looks towards his end
With only darkness for a friend.
And he's the man who'll never see tomorrow's sunshine.

Regular folk with John Martyn on guitars and Paul Buckmaster on cello.

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