Fly On Home

Written by: 
J. Martyn
1 Oct 1968

You climbed on the train,
The window rolled on,
So did the tear.
And seeing you cry
Was like the very first time, when we parted
In the dews and dusty streets.

There alone, I felt the station on my feet.
Fly home,
And away on down the line,
You put your face into the wind.
Let your tears fly home.

I trod on my way
Past the silly girlie who looked at my shoes.
Climbing the street,
The evening shuddered in my coat
And I looked where I had been.

The train a snake,
A chain of people on the rails.
Fly home;
Like a nourishing breath of sunshine,
Twinkle of the houses.
Let your tears fly home.
Put your face into the wind,
Little girlie, let your tears fly home,
Let your tears fly home...

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