London Conversation

1 Oct 1967
Written by: 
John Martyn

So there I was on this barge on the river wearing nothing but denims and a smile, and this blue man says to me, 'You know I used to like you, but I saw sense and I changed myself.'

So I looked at his sage expression and black shoes and thought 'Thanks all the same, I'll stay on the river.'
So I'm floating up and down and still happy, and I'm 18 now and young for my age! Nowadays I often revolve at 33 1/3 RPM. If you listen, I hope you learn about me a little and about you a lot because that's the whole scene, I'm just like anyone else, I feel and think just the same as you.
So when I sing about myself I sing about you, and when I get to know myself and just how little I know, maybe you can do the same, anyway I hope so, then maybe you can join me on the river or maybe you can find one of your own.'