Live At Leeds (Cacophony vinyl)

1 Jun 1987
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Live At Leeds was sold in a strictly limited edition by mail order only in 1976. It has since become a collector's item not only for its rarity value but also because it records one of the high points of John Martyn's career as a performer with definitive versions of several of his greatest songs. This is the first time it has become available in over ten years. It remains an essential addition to any collection.

Side A
Outside In 18:56
Solid Air 7:08
Side B
Make No Mistake 4:55
Bless The Weather 4:50
The Man In The Station 2:36
I'd Rather Be The Devil 8:37
Produced by John Martyn
John Martyn Guitar and vocals
Danny Thompson Bass
John Stevens Drums

Artist Representation
Steve Parker
Miracle Management Ltd London

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