In His Own Words

11 Sep 2007
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"Welcome to the furniture auction, good evening tables and chairs... it's the beer, don't worry about it, you'll be alright."
One Day Without You

"All I have to do is find the end of the lead and we're cool."
Outside In

"I'm gonna play an acoustic song called Bless The Weather which is an oldie, here we go, hold up."
Bless The Weather

"This is about as romantic as we get."
Certain Surprise

"Co-written by me and a friend of mine who is a nasty little Negro person."
Big Muff

"This is another love song, it's a very quiet love song."
Couldn't Love You More

"Got me electric guitar out now... You see this is magic, God has sent me a drummer! I just hope he doesn't expect me to go up there and play. I wouldn't know anybody up there..."
Small Hours

"This is actually a very serious song, it was written for a friend of mine who had a, what they call a nervous breakdown."
Solid Air

"A very Victorian chord, a very respectable chord don't you think? You could take that chord to dinner. You could take it to your mother, your mother wouldn't be offended by this chord."
May You Never

"I'd like to do an instrumental which is a funny instrumental. At one time when I used to play there was like, you could play in guitar clubs right, and all the guitarists were there and they'd all watch your fingers and all the guitarists would watch each other and it was very heavy like if you couldn't play... If you couldn't play Anji you weren't anywhere, you weren't in the fucking running, couldn't get a gig. So I invented a guitar instrumental, which is very very impressive, its for people who own clubs, its really a kind of musical joke, it's a very visual guitar solo as you will discover... If I can fucking remember how to play the bleeding thing!"
Seven Black Roses

"Status Quo... We'll all get carried away and have a good time and we're not allowed to do that! No smiling! No Laughing!"
Singin' In The Rain

"Goodnight Vienna."
I'd Rather Be The Devil

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