A Comprehensive Discography

4 Nov 2002
Written by: 
John Hillarby

including Studio Albums, Singles and Eps,
Live Albums and Compilations, Videography

Studio Album Discography
London Conversation 1967
The Tumbler 1968
Stormbringer 1970
The Road To Ruin 1970
Bless The Weather 1971
Solid Air 1973
Inside Out 1973
Sunday's Child 1975
One World 1977
Grace And Danger 1980
Glorious Fool 1981
Well Kept Secret 1982
Sapphire 1983
Piece By Piece 1986
The Apprentice 1990
Cooltide 1991
Couldn't Love You More 1992
No Little Boy 1993
And 1996
The Church With One Bell 1998
Another World 1999
Glasgow Walker 2000
Singles and Eps
All 7 inch singles unless otherwise stated
The Ocean/ John The Baptist 1970
May You Never/ Just Now 1971
Over The Hill/ Head And Heart 1977
Dancing/ Dealer Version 1978
In Search Of Anna/ Certain Surprise (live) 1979
Johnny Too Bad/ Johnny Too Bad (version) 1980
Johnny Too Bad (long dub)/ Big Muff (extended remix) 12 inch 1981
Sweet Little Mystery/ Johnny Too Bad 1981
Please Fall in Love With Me/ Don't You Go 1981
Hiss On The Tape/ Livin' Alone 1982
Gun Money (US remix)/ Hiss On The Tape (live) 1982
Over The Rainbow/ Rope Soul'd 1984
Angeline/ Tight Connection To My Heart 1986
Classic John Martyn CD/ Also 12 inch 1986
Lonely Love/ Sweet Little Mystery (live)/ Also 12 inch 1986
Send Me One Line/ Patterns In The Rain 1990
Deny This Love remix/ The Apprentice (live)/ Also CD 1990
Jack The Lad CD 1992
Sweet Little Mystery/ Head And Heart/ Also CD 1992
Lonely Love/ Man In The Station/ Also CD 1992
Snooo... EP CD 1995
Excuse Me Mister CD 1998
Live Albums and Compilations
Live At Leeds 1975
So Far So Good 1977
The Electric John Martyn 1982
Philentropy 1983
Foundations 1987
BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert 1 1991
Sweet Little Mysteries: The Island Anthology 1994
Live (recorded at the Shaw Theatre, London, 31st March 1990) 1995
Also released as Dirty, Down & Live in 1999  
The Hidden Years 1996
The Very Best Of John Martyn 1997
The Rest Of The Best 1998
Live At Bristol 1991 1998
Serendipity 1998
Classics 2000
The Best Of John Martyn Live '91 2000
The New York Session 2000
Patterns In The Rain 2001
Germany 1986 (with Danny Thompson) 2001
The Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal 1986 (with Danny Thompson and Arran Ahmun) 2001
Live At The Town And Country Club 1986 2001
Sweet Certain Surprise 2001
Live At The Bottom Line 1983 2001
Live In Milan 1979 2002

1 According to my information BBC Radio 1 was released 1992 and so says the cover.

John Martyn In Vision 1982
Live From London 1984
Purely Music Laserdisc 1986
Foundations; Live From The Town And Country Club 1987
The Apprentice Tour 1990
Tell Them I'm Somebody Else 2001