Sunday Concert

BBC Radio 1
9 May 1971

John is listed together with Groundhogs who did the second half of the session.

Recorded in the Paris Theatre, London.
The set lasts 21 minutes and was broadcasted mono.

Track listing
nr title time comment
01 Tree Green 4:47 "This is a song called 'Tree Green' which is all about just catching glimpses of trees through train windows."
02 Bless The Weather 3:48 "This is a very very very short song. It's the shortest song… It's kind of a half traditional song called 'Bless The Weather'. It's only got one verse in it so I put a little guitar behind it on the end just to make it a bit longer."
03 Would You Believe Me 6:42 "Dedicated to the London Metropolitan Police Force. It's a kind of a very long, kind of a waily dirge thing." Lots of tremolo.
04 Road To Ruin 6:13 "This is a song called 'Road To Ruin' which was written on a day that I decided there was really nothing in the world worth worrying about anymore. It was a good day."