Square Dance

Daniel Petrie
20 Feb 1987


Lonely Love out on the prairie

John's Piece By Piece version features on the soundtrack.

Others artists include Don Henley and ZZ Top.


Gemma (Winona Ryder) is a young teen raised by her crusty grandfather Dillard (Jason Robards) in this drama of a young woman's coming of age. When she goes to the city to spend the summer with her estranged mother Juanella (Jane Alexander), she falls for Rory (Rob Lowe), a rural rube of less-than-average intelligence, but her only true friend in a hypocritical town. Gemma's promiscuous mother delights in reminding the emotional Gemma that her father could be any one of several men, and Gemma's frustration leads to an inevitable confrontation between mother and daughter. Deborah Richter plays the town floozie Gwen.

Director: Daniel Petrie
Cast: Jason Robards jr, Jane Alexander, Winona Ryder