In Search Of Anna

Esben Storm
18 Sep 1978


One of many road movies.

John composed part of the score. Other contributions from Alan Stivell, AC/DC and Rose Tattoo.

90 minutes homecoming movie of man who has been in prison for six years, about troubles with his former partners in crime and search for disappeared wife.

John contributed to the score while in Australia touring.

The melody of the title song resembles verses of Small Hours. There's also a Dealer version there and one of Certain Surprise.

The first finished cut of this movie ran for two and a half hours. The film screened at the 1978 Cannes Film Festival only two days after the final print left the lab.
"When theatrically released in Australia this movie was a failure at the box-office."

First shown in Canada 18 September 1978 at the Toronto Film Festival. US release was 9 months later.
VHS copies carried different covers depending on year or country of release.

Producer: Esben Storm
Director: Esben Storm
Actors: Richard Moir, Judy Morris, Chris Haywood, Bill Hunter
Active Home Video, A226 (US)