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Solid Air - Island SW 9325

8 Mar 1973
Honolulu Star-Bulletin
Don Weller

Jensen Looks Like a Big Timer

Way over across the Big Pond in Glasgow, Scotland, John Martyn has managed to gain for himself a strong and faithful following from his songwriting, singing, and guitar-playing feats.

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Solid Air

Inside Out - Island ILPS 9253

1 Mar 1973
Supersnazz #2

Reviewing this sort of album is a bit like dissecting a meat pie after you've eaten it. I could resort to pages of pseudo intellectual wofflé, or I could do Charles Shaar Murray and wax effusively. The safest bet is to say that this album is superb, and Ain't No Saint and Make No Mistake sum the whole album up. There's some thing for everyone here. So this can't be bad at all.

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Inside Out

Stormbringer! – Island ILPS 9113

5 Aug 1970
De Stem
Theo van der Tak


Onder het label Island hebben John en Beverley Martyn hun elpee Stormbringer! uitgebracht. Beverley Martyn, uit de naam blijkt dat zij de echtgenote is van John, componeerde vier van de tien nummers die op Stormbringer! staan, en met begeleiding van een orkestje en haar akoestische gitaar voert ze ze zelf nog uit ook.

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