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Inside Out - Island SMAS 9335

9 Nov 1973
Philadelphia Daily News
Rich Aregood
On Record
By Rich Aregood


Inside Out (Island) is another of John Martyn's oddly beautiful excursions. He mumbles and the music is full of electronic whoops, but it all works. Musicians like Steve Winwood and Danny Thompson work on this album. The old standard The Glory Of Love never sounded so weird - or so good.


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Inside Out

Inside Out - Island ILPS 9253

29 Sep 1973
New Musical Express
Ian MacDonald

"Inside Out" (Island)

YOU COULD SAY that the post decadence rock scene is structured rather like the society of ants: a hangover of old drones twittering away behind last year's plump queens - and a few lean workers here and there trying to rebuild the crumbling territory.

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Inside Out


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