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Grace & Danger – Island ILPS 9560

5 Dec 1980
Hot Press
Dermot Stokes

The Mighty Martyn

A new album by John Martyn has become a rare enough event these past few years. Too rare, his admirers will say, because Martyn is one of the great figures of modern music, a man of mighty skills, powerful vision and an uncompromising commitment to doing things his way.

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Grace & Danger

Grace & Danger – Island ILPS 9560

1 Nov 1980
Melody Maker
John Orme

Martyn Seduces

JOHN MARTYN: "Grace And Danger" (Island ILPS 9560)
John Martyn has founded a fluctuating career on musical obstinacy, and years of dogged devotion to his own cause and purpose have paid off with recent albums of improving excellence. Grace And Danger continues the tenacious trend, rooting itself in the elegant creativity of One World, but working with more joy as an improving musical whole – at time the blending of Martyn's voice and guitar, John Giblin's beautiful bass and Phil Collins' immaculate drumming is, simply, breathtaking.

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Grace & Danger

One World - Island ILPS 9492

14 Jun 1978
Press and Sun Bulletin
Chris Carson

Musical twists enhance 'Misfits'

Despite a prior track record of eight albums, English singer-songwriter John Martyn is an unfamiliar name to many. If this is ever going to change, One World could be the album to do it.

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One World


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