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Grace & Danger - Antilles AN 7081

11 Apr 1981
Journal Herald
Terry Lawson

Terry Lawson on sounds

One of pop's true originals is the British-bred Martyn, who began his career as something of a ballad-oriented folkie, but by incorporating a spatial jazz into his free-form compositions, settled on a style totally unique to these ears

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Grace & Danger

Grace & Danger, Island SMAS 9560

20 Mar 1981
Journal News
Eric Shepard

John Martyn, a Rediscovery

Martyn has just released Grace & Danger. Recorded with Tommy Eyre on keyboards (an original member of Mark-Almond), bassist John Giblin and ex-Genesis member Phil Collins, the album, though it contains frustratingly little acoustic guitar, meanders less than One World and may be as close to Solid Air as Martyn will allow himself to go at this stage.

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Grace & Danger


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