Stormbringer! – Island ILPS 9113

18 Feb 1970
Pete Cranston
Island Discs

The first L.P. from John and Beverley Martyn together is called Stormbringer! and is released on Island this month. After two good L.P.s in the last couple of years, folk singer John Martyn went to America and recorded this new album with his wife, Beverley. Most of the tracks are acoustic with bass and piano or organ backing.

All the compositions are their own with four tracks by Beverley and the other six tracks by John.

Their two voices provide very good harmonies, with alternate lead voices, but I found the acoustic guitar a bit laboured. I prefer the tracks by Beverley, especially her longest track, Sweet Honesty.

[The review continues about Mott The Hoople's first album, Free's second album Free, the single Alice's Restaurant Massacree by Arlo Guthrie and a concert by Family.]


This very early review was published in the Reviews section of Gaudie, 18th February 1970. The Gaudie is a weekly newspaper for students of Aberdeen University. It is recognised as the oldest student newspaper in Scotland.
Material provided by John Neil Munro.

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