Solid Air - Island SW 9325

1 Apr 1973
Arizona Republic
Gus Walker
Gus Walker
Space journey to music


Solid Air, John Martyn (Island SW-9325)

John Martyn was born in Glasgow, Scotland and established his early reputation in many of the country's top folk clubs. He later became one of the most booked performers along the English club circuit.

With his main accompaniment being guitar, bass, drums, vibes and piano, Martyn retains a nightclub style throughout this album. Using his voice as an instrument he often slurs lyrics until they become more important as musical sounds than understandable words.

Add to this his back-up group and you have a performance closer to jazz than rock.

This review is part of a bigger column, Hawkwind being another subject. It was published in The Arizona Republic of Sunday, 1 April 1973.

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