So Far So Good - Island ILPS 9484

5 Aug 1977
Charlotte Observer
John Martyn's 'So Far So Good'

John Martyn's latest album, So Far So Good, is an up-and-coming winner says WRPL (1540-AM) disc jockey Bruce Plaskoff. "This compilation of his best works may seem a bit premature, but this is his ninth album," says Plaskoff.

"Martyn credits early blues and jazz singers Bessie Smith and Billie Holiday as his major influences… Martyn is the first white singer to sign with a label (Island Records) predominantly producing records of black artists… After 10 years and 8 albums, so far so good."

Plaskoff is on the air 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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This recommendation from North Carolina was published in the Charlotte Observer of Friday 5 August 1977.

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