One World - Island ILPS 9492

19 Mar 1978
Arizona Republic
Gus Walker

John Martyn, One World (Island ILPS 9492)

Martyn is a contemporary singer/ songwriter/ guitarist, originally from Glasgow, Scotland, whose music is not easily categorized for it ranges from seemingly improvised instrumental effects and jazzy vocal phrasing to energetic rock and roll.

He's no master of the formula single a la Andy Gibb, Leo Sayer or Barry Manilow, but instead plays upon the senses with hypnotic melodies and free-form rhythmic expression.

His accompaniment is usually acoustic and Small Hours exquisitely recreates the awakening of life in some exotic place.

One World is Martyn's ninth album and its general mood reveals he's yet to compromise his imaginative style for devices which would guarantee commercial success.

This review was published in the Arizona Republic of Sunday 19 March 1978, on page 151. The other record reviewed was Earth by Jefferson Starship.

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