One World – Island ILPS 9492

7 Jan 1978
Record Mirror
Mary Ann Ellis
John Martyn: 'One World' (ILPS 9492)

I BET this guy has to sit down and sing. No one could be that relaxed and still be on their feet. 'In-the-mood-music'. If you're not when you stick it on your turntable you will be by the time it's through. Not as sparse on the production front as is usual with John Martyn albums, with Steve Winwood and Dave Pegg adding a rich instrumental fullness which detracts not at all from the simplistic feel Martyn still manages to retain.

Side one kicks off with Couldn't Love You More, an emotive love ballad. Martyn's voice –reminiscent of an inebriated thug- breathy, soft, low and so laid-back. The lyrics are basic, reflecting Mr Martyn's perceptions on love and people, along with the odd social comment. It's a beautiful album with an ability to touch you with a lazy line or high/low note. Sensitive. Sincere. Won't sell a lot of copies. Somehow I wouldn't want it to.
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This review featured in the Albums section of Record Mirror, 7th January 1978, page 11.
The score stands for 'Unbeatable'.
Snapshot provided by John Neil Munro.

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