Los Angeles, Troubadour, 3 Apr 1973

6 Apr 1973
Daily Sundial
Jules Kragan
At the Troubadour

Staff Writer
band pictureThe Incredible String Band is presenting a veritable cabaret of music entertainment this week at the Troubadour. Their set from Tuesday night ranged from The Circle Is Unbroken,1 (an Irish folk tune) to Turquoise Blue, (semi-jazz) to pure folk (Little Girl).

ISB delivered their songs with an incredible amount of looseness, with people constantly switching instruments and leadership of the music, threatening at times to fall apart, but never quite doing so.

The height of the evening was their last two numbers, Tear The Silk and another Scottish jig, featuring the fluid fiddling of Robin Williamson with the rest of the group tightening up finally to back him up with all the traditional style of a Fairport Convention.

John Martyn opened the evening with a set of acoustical blues, the most interesting being The Weather, featuring a science fiction style amplified acoustical guitar riff.2 Though he could pick quite well, his frog-like vocals tended to bore the audience.

The show continues through Tuesday.3

1 Song from The Big Huge, based on an Irish tune Anach Cuan.
2 Either Bless The Weather or Outside In.
3 Nope. Sunday was the last concert.
This review is taken from the Daily Sundial of Friday 6 April 1973. This is the newspaper of Northridge's California State University.