Foundations - Island ISL 1161

13 Mar 1988
Palm Beach Post
Scott Benarde

FOUNDATIONS by John Martyn (Island Records).
We're cheating a bit here because Island has become a sizable record company. But it still releases adventurous records like this one. This live album puts Martyn and a very accomplished band right in your room, ably performing an eclectic array of tunes from Johnny Too Bad to Over the Rainbow. Known primarily as a folk singer, this record showcases Martyn's love of funk, rock, jazz and blues. The music here includes fiery and tasteful instrumental jams. Y-NOT will put The Apprentice into medium rotation and also air Mad Dog Days and John Wayne.

Album of the Month: DIESEL AND DUST by Midnight Oil (Columbia Records).

This short and sweet Florida review was published in The Palm Beach Post of Sunday 13 March 1988.

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