Deliver Me - Muliply CDMULTY72

1 Mar 2001

Sister Bliss featuring John Martyn
Deliver Me (Multiply)

It doesn't auger well. Sister Bliss decides to cover "Deliver Me", a rather dull track by The Beloved, and also picks folky hero John Martyn to guest on vocals.

The result, given John Martyn's leaning towards blues, can best be described as someone doing a poor remix of Moby's "Natural Blues".

This version is a strange concoction of elements that never achieve the right chemical mix. Rather than bursting into life the tune fizzles out. Ms Bliss's uninspired trancey synths never catch fire while John Martyn, who may be having a bit of a revival and becoming a cool dude, delivers (excuse the pun) some strained-sounding vocals. The lyrics seem forced out of him and sit uncomfortably on the rhythm track.


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