Classics - Artful CD31

1 Jun 2000
Classic Rock #15
Andy Robson
(Artful CD31)
* * * * *

Martyn's split with Permanent in the 90s centred on their release of material he hadn't approved, notably re-recordings of some of his great 70s Island tracks. Permanent have since morphed into Artful and this 'best of' covers much of that disputed 90s material.
That said, quality shines through, especially with Levon Helm's contribution on Just Now. And though some 70s die-hards may not thrill to Martyn's boozily passionate songs getting re-pitched as smooth jazz, artists like Andy Sheppard do put class into 'classics' like Sunday's Child. However, while rich completists may buy Classics, us more 'umble punters will wait for Glasgow Walker on Independiente.

Andy Robson

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