BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert - Windsong WINCD 012

21 Mar 1992
New Musical Express
David Quantick

ROBIN TROWER: BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert
JOHN MARTYN: BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert (Both Windsong)


DAVID QUANTICK darns a sock in time to the latest re-re-/ hee hee releases...

GETTING TO be an apt name, Windsong. Trower was the guitarist in Procol Harum - BRING A THOUSAND SLEEPING BAGS! - and went on to be popular among students in the mid '70s for his guitar playing expertise - MAKE THAT A MILLION SLEEPING BAGS! His music was as stupefying live as it was on record.

John Martyn, on the other hand, has a lovely voice and likes reggae. He was a folkie who wrote several songs that Wet Wet Wet did and then acquired one of those horrible professional synth'n' axe bands like Steve Winwood and Simple Minds. This concentrates on the latter like mad and is thus very dull.

Stevie Winwood and John Martyn - the genesis of an artistic development exposed!