A Tribute To Frankie Miller

Various artists
7 Apr 2003
The Bottom Line:

Cover in unique JM style that ended up on On The Cobbles.

Original title for this release was Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed But Most Definitely Blues. One can imagine some scepticism in the marketing department.

The 3CD box set cost £ 15.99. A sticker indicated that the third CD was added as a bonus:

Made in Germany.
The release of the tribute box was originally planned for 7 September 2002, then October, then November, then March 2003 to finally meet its deadline on 7 April 2003.

The original plan was to set the cover songs side by side with the Frankie Miller originals but apparently people got second thoughts about this. The track finally ened up as opener for On The Cobbles (2004).


nr artist title author(s) time
01 Robert Carlyle, Ian Robertson, Kevin McKidd Bridgeton (F. Miller) 1:33
02 Fish Caledonia (Dougie MacLean) 4:19
03 Edwyn Collins After All I Live My Life (F. Miller, Jimmy Doris) 4:44
04 Tippi Lonely Café (F. Miller, Jerry Lynn Williams) 3:23
05 Ray Wilson, Amanda Lyon Good Time Love (F. Miller, Paul Carrack) 4:18
06 Rab Noakes, Fraser Speirs Let The Candlelight Shine (F. Miller) 2:48
07 Michael Marra, Ringer Candlelight Sonata In F Major (F. Miller) 3:34
08 Clare Grogan Angels With Dirty Faces (F. Miller) 3:52
09 The Proclaimers Doodle Song (F. Miller) 2:29
10 Rico Devil's Gun (F. Miller) 5:03
11 Nazareth Danger, Danger (F. Miller) 4:28
12 Brian Robertson, Rob Lamothe Ain't Got No Money (F. Miller) 5:00
13 Pat Kane with Button Up I Can't Change It (F. Miller) 4:25
14 Jackie Leven, Michael Weston King Gladly Go Blind (F. Miller, J. Barry) 4:07
15 Horse Nothing But The Wind (F. Miller, Will Jennings) 4:43
16 Maggie Bell Jealousy (F. Miller) 4:08
17 Billy Connolly The Rock (F. Miller) 3:36
18 Hamish Stuart, Jim Mullen There Will Always Be A New Tomorrow (F. Miller) 3:56


nr artist title author(s) time
01 Cosmic Rough Riders, Joe Walsh When I'm Away From You (F. Miller) 3:41
02 Lulu It's As Good As Gone (F. Miller) 3:08
03 John Martyn Baby Come Home (F. Miller) 3:25
04 The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Dean Ford Dancing In The Rain (F. Miller) 5:32
05 Mary Kiani After All I Live My Life (F. Miller, Jimmy Doris) 4:18
06 Andy Fraser Standing At Your Window (F. Miller, Andy Fraser) 3:43
07 McCluskey Brothers Where Do The Guilty Go (F. Miller) 3:12
08 Bonnie Tyler, Frankie Miller Tears (F. Miller) 3:52
09 Radio Sweethearts Falling In Love With You (F. Miller) 3:28
10 Alan Mair To Dream The Dream (F. Miller) 4:38
11 Rod Stewart You're The Star (Livsey, G. Lyle, Frankie Miller) 4:38
12 Dave Lennox Baton Rouge (F. Miller, Scott English) 3:43
13 Graham Lyle & The Splendidos Beautiful Woman (F. Miller, Graham Lyle) 3:04
14 BMX Bandits Mailbox (F. Miller) 2:41
15 Miller Anderson In My Own Crazy Way (F. Miller, Troy Seals, Ed Setser) 4:08
16 Nimmo Brothers I Know Why The Sun Don't Shine (F. Miller) 4:13
17 The Blue Shoes, Jim Diamond & Snake True Love (F. Miller) 4:01
18 Billy Rankin, Martin Jarvis Drunken Nights In The City (F. Miller) 4:27


nr artist title author(s) time
01 Stonewhisper Free And Safe On The Road (F. Miller) 3:26
02 Quinn All My Love (F. Miller) 6:12
03 Manganese Trouble (F. Miller) 4:25
04 Independance Money Talks (F. Miller, Dr John) 4:16
05 The Stevie Agnew Band I'll Never Be That Young Again (F. Miller) 4:16
06 Fraser Anderson Ghost (F. Miller, Scott English) 3:53
07 Transaudio Danger, Danger (F. Miller) 3:33
08 Roost Stumbled Into Heaven (F. Miller, Scott English) 4:44
09 Big Hand As Good As Gone (F. Miller) 3:15
10 Darwin You're The Star (F. Miller, Livsey, G. Lyle) 5:05
11 Oldsolar Gladly Go Blind (F. Miller, J. Barry) 4:09
12 Lights Out By Nine The Heartbreak (F. Miller) 3:42
13 Danoosha Where Do You Go (F. Miller) 2:40
14 Radiotones One More Heartbreak (F. Miller) 2:41
15 The Stunts Down At The Honky Tonk (F. Miller) 2:36

Line-up of the John track:
John Martyn, vocals, two acoustic guitars and mutron guitar;
Alan Thomson, bass (spelled Allan Thompson);
John Rice, mandolin;
Paul Mertens, bass harmonica;
Jim Tullio & Gary Pollitt, percussion.

Production credits:
Written and composed by Frankie Miller
Produced by Jim Tullio, co-produced by Gary Pollitt
Recorded and engineered by Jim Tullio and Gary Pollitt at Woollen Grange, Ireland and The Toolshed, Chicago.
Mixed by Scott Steiner and Jim Tullio at Calliope, Chicago, assisted by Jan Lowenhaupt.

John gets a few kind words in the liner notes:

To précis the career of John Martyn is an almost thankless task. His exceptional and enigmatic catalogue defies categories, encompassing the folk roots of his first solo albums and collaborations with his then-wife Beverley, the rumenatory electric muse of Solid Air and the impassioned melancholia of Grace and Danger. Martyn has always created deeply emotive music. An equally gifted interpreter, he took the bones of Baby Come Home, toyed with its melody, rewrote the lyric and emerged with a piece both personal and universal.

Baby Come Home was recorded in Ireland April 2002; Jim Tullio added the bass harmonica and mandolin afterwards in Chicago and mixed it May 2002.

Glasgow born rock and blues singer Frankie Miller suffered major brain damage August 1994 and has been struggling to regain his health ever since. The tribute CD contains cover versions all by Scottish artists. Also a tribute night was held Saturday 7th September 2002 at the Glasgow Barrowland Ballroom but John was not present on this occasion.

3CD: Eagle ETGBX227