Thank You For

Bridget St. John
1 Jan 1972
The Bottom Line:

Fine album with Fly High as outstanding song.

John plays subtle echoplex guitar on just this track and is also credited:
"John Martyn, courtesy of Island Records, electric and accoustic [sic] guitars on Fly High"

Fly High was also released as a rerecorded 7" maxi single, with There's A Place, and Suzanne, on Dandelion 2001-280 (1972).
The song also appeared on a Dandelion sampler CD reissue There Is Some Fun Going Forward (SEECD 427).

The first CD release had eight live bonus tracks, recorded in Montreux 28 April 1972. Rick Sanders played acoustic guitar on those. They covered one of JM's song, The River.

Track Listing:

nr track author(s) time
01 Nice (St. John) 3:25
02 Thank You For... (St. John) 3:40
03 Lazarus (trad. arr. St. John) 4:23
04 Goodbaby Goodbye (N. Beresford) 2:10
05 Love Minus Zero, No Limit (B. Dylan) 3:23
06 Silver Coin (T. Hiscock) 3:08
07 Happy Day (St. John) 3:56
08 Fly High (St. John/ R.L. Stevenson) 3:24
09 To Leave Your Cover (St. John) 3:23
10 Every Day (Petty and Hardin) 4:23
11 A Song Is As Long As It Wants To Go On (St. John) 1:14
Bonus tracks on See For Miles CD:
12 Nice (St. John) 4:51
13 Silver Coin (T. Hiscock) 3:47
14 Fly High (St. John/ R.L. Stevenson) 4:33
15 Lazarus (trad. arr. St. John) 5:52
16 The River (J. Martyn) 4:11
17 Thank You For (St. John) 4:42
18 Ask Me No Questions (St. John) 5:27
19 If You've Got Money (St. John) 2:58

From the liner notes by Nigel Cross:

However, one song really deserves to be singled out, the majestic Fly High, lyrically based around a fragment of Robert Louis Stevenson poetry, taken from A Child's Garden Of Verses, one of her favourite books when she was growing up. Bridget sounds positively inspired, her voice soaring in a way it's seldom done since, buoyed by John Martyn's spacey, echo-plexed guitar runs, which will remind old fans of the genuinely exciting solo shows he was doing at this time. The powers-that-be at the record company also saw some hit potential in this song and it was re-recorded as the album's 45 chaser and featured girl backing vocals, arranged by some-time Beatles collaborator Richard Hewson, though Bridget still maintains their voices are 'a little too church-like' against her own.

Production: Bridget St. John, Jerry Boys
Engineer: Jerry Boys
Vinyl: Dandelion 2310 193
CD: See For Miles SEECD 428 (1 Jun 1995, 8 live bonus tracks)
CD: Cherry Red CDMRED286 (14 Nov 2005)