The Talented Mr. Ripley

Various artists
23 Nov 1999
The Bottom Line:

John goes Chet Baker in motion picture soundtrack.

"Original Motion Picture Soundtrack"

Matt Damon plays a psychopathic bisexual murderer (Tom Ripley) that lives in mid-fifties New York. He gets offered money to track down Princeton class mate Dickie Greenleaf, who lives in Italy with girlfriend. Ripley develops plan to murder Greenleaf and assume his identity.

Soundtrack of an Anthony Minghella movie that was released October 1999.
Recorded at Lansdowne Recording Studios, Londin.

Excerpt from his liner notes:

"The sound of jazz dies along with Dickie, until its ghost is summoned towards the end of the movie, with a busker in the Piazza San Marco playing 'You Don't Know What Love Is', echoing Dickie's alto solo after the suicide of his clandestine lover, Silvana. The film's tone darkens, and the music becomes increasingly tense and sober. As the screen finally goes to black, the magnificent John Martyn provides a specially recorded vocal version of the same song--a reminder, through this most sophisticated of lyrics (though apparently written for an Abbot and Costello movie!) that Ripley's journey into a nightmare of his own making is motivated by a longing to be loved at any cost."

nr artist(s) title author(s) time comment
01 Matt Damon, Jude Law, Fiorello, Guy Barker International Quintet Tu Vuo' Fa L'Americano (Rento Carosone) 3:02 Think of Louis Prima
02 Matt Damon, Guy Barker International Quintet My Funny Valentine (Richard Rogers) 2:35 Think of Chet Baker not being ill
03 Gabriel Yared Italia (Gabriel Yared) 1:40 Orchestral music
04 Sinead O'Connor Lullaby for Cain (Gabriel Yared) 3:32 Think of Pergolesi's Stabat Mater
05 Gabriel Yared Crazy Tom (Gabriel Yared) 4:47 Orchestral music
06 Charlie Parker Ko-ko (Charlie Parker) 2:54 Original bop track with original 7" wow
07 Miles Davis Nature Boy (Eden Ahbez) 4:48 Cool jazz
08 Gabriel Yared Mischief (Gabriel Yared) 2:26 Orchestra and vibes; suspense
09 Gabriel Yared Ripley (Gabriel Yared) 3:30 Orchestra and oboe
10 Guy Barker, Pete King, Iain Dixon, Ronnie Aspland, Arne Somogy, Clark Tracey Pent-up House (Sonny Rollins) 2:40 Hi-hat jazz
11 Marino Marini Guaglione (Nisa) 3:17 Italian fifties crooner
12 The Guy Barker International Quintet Moanin' (Bobby Timmons) 4:16 Good cover
13 Gabriel Yared Proust (Gabriel Yared) 1:59 OMD (not the band)
14 Guy Barker, Pete King, Iain Dixon, Ronnie Aspland, Arne Somogy, Clark Tracey Four (Miles Davis) 3:41 Hi-hat jazz
15 Gabriel Yared Promise (Gabriel Yared) 2:49 Orchestra with violins and sax
16 Dizzy Gillespie The Champ (Dizzy Gillespie) 2:45 Scat bop
17 Gabriel Yared Syncopes (Gabriel Yared) 4:49 Sad strings
18 Clifford Gurdin, London Metropolitan Ensemble Stabat Mater (excerpt) (Antonio Vivaldi) 2:56 Sony classical
19 John Martyn, Guy Barker International Quintet You Don't Know What Love Is (Gene de Paul/ Don Raye) 5:22 Cover of blues classic; Billie Holiday/ Chet Baker style

The movie, based on Patricia Highsmith novel of the same name, is a remake of the 1960 French/ Italian thriller Plein Soleil (Blazing Sun), also known as Delitto In Pieno Sole (Italy) and Purple Noon (US).

Production: Anthony Minghella
Engineers: Chris Dibble, Steve Pelluet
Production of JM track: Anthony Minghella, Gabriel Yared, Graham Walker, Guy Barker, John Martyn
Digital editing: Robert Randles
CD: Sony Classical SK 51337