Sweet Little Mystery | Head And Heart

1 Sep 1992
The Bottom Line:

Permanent attempt to draw attention to ill-fated project.

"Mixed by Matt Butler at A.I.R., mastered by Steve Rooke at Abbey Road Studios, London."

The vinyl record has a silver colored label.

There also was a French CDsingle released by Scorpio Music with the same two titles.

Mold numbers:
PERM 6 A-02-1-Q1 and PERM 6 B-01-1-Q1.

Production: Matt Butler
Engineers: Matt Butler, Geoff Foster, Lachlan Mitchell, Greg Sangster
Art layout and design: Steven D. Schwachter
Photo: Hannah Garbutt Perry, taken by Nick White
Back cover photograph: Alex Hemming
Vinyl 7": Permanent PERM 6