Sweet Certain Surprise (bootleg)

2 Sep 1997
The Bottom Line:

Live recordings from cassette, released in limited edition of 500 copies.

Acoustical tracks recorded live in the USA during the late seventies, probably June 1977 in Kenny's Castaways, New York.
Electric stuff recorded in London, [Dominion Theatre, 25 May] 1981. Both May You Never and Spencer The Rover are played on electric guitar.

Unique material, VPSQ (very poor sound quality) compared to records, but normal quality for bootleg cassettes. John deserves better (and royalties). There is a 90 minute bootleg tape with the complete London gig sounding better.

The CD has in fact 11 tracks. Man In The Station and My Baby Girl are glued together, same thing with Make No Mistake and Bless The Weather. And with Sweet Certain Surprise and Couldn't Love You More.
Sweet Certain Surprise is an interesting early version with a different lyric.

Boyd had some difficulty with the titles. My Baby Girl is called "Daddy Won't You Sing For Me"; and Seven Black Roses is presented as "The John Martyn Visual Guitar Solo (Spiders On The Strings)".

Voiceprint released an improved version in October 2001 with two bonus tracks and better artwork.

CD: Boyds Music BSM CD001
CD: TNR 2149