The Rest Of The Best

30 Mar 1998
The Bottom Line:

Sampler that combines parts of No Little Boy and Live.

The CD label says 'The Rest Of The Very Best'.

Tracks #1-4 from No Little Boy, #5-11 from Live.

Lee Barry: 'Artful win pimp of the year award.'
Only useful in emergencies for people who want to get their hands on Pascanel and Rock, Salt & Nails from the long version of No Little Boy. But then again, the complete album is better available on the Voiceprint double edition while John prefers the Mesa edition.

There exists a different track listing: Big muff, Dealer, Easy Blues, Fisherman's Dream, John Wayne, Johnny Too Bad, Just Now, Pascanel, Rock Salt & Nails, Sapphire, Sundays Child.

Marketed and distibuted by Total via Warner Distributions.

CD: Artful CD13 M57144