Perfect Alibi

Claire Martin
17 Apr 2000
The Bottom Line:

Man in the station as a laid back duet.

"Got to get on that train if it kills me."

Recorded 10 & 20 November 1999, 8-11 January and 6-9 February 2000 at The Dairy and November 1999 - February 2000 at Static Studios.

Line-up of the Martyn track:
John Martyn - guest vocals;
Paul Stacey - guitars and bass guitar;
Luis Jardim - percussion;
Andrew Newmark - drums;
Mornington Lockett - clarinet;
Catherine Browning, Chris Payne, Brian Wright - violins;
Charlotte Glasson, John Murphy, Sophie Sirota - violas;
Jo Richards - cello;
Anthony Kerr - vibes.

nr title author(s) time
01 How Can I Be Sure? (Felix Cavaliere/ Edward Brigati jr) 2:42
02 Man In The Station (John Martyn) 3:45
03 Up From The Skies (Jimi Hendrix) 3:58
04 Inspired Insanity (Phoebe Snow) 3:53
05 People Make The World Go Round (Bell/ Creed) 4:00
06 Shadowville (Dedi Madden) 3:01
07 Strangers Now (Arnie Somogy/ Claire Martin/ Charlotte Glasson) 4:27
08 More Than You'll Ever Know (Al Kooper) 7:55
09 Over By Allenby (Comfort) 3:11
10 More Than I Can Bear (Julia Fordham) 3:45
11 He's A Runner (Laura Nyro) 3:27
12 Wailing Wall (Todd Rundgren) 3:32

"A very special thank-you to John Martyn & Charlotte Glasson."

John also gets a small photo on the cover taken by Andy Glass and Barry Canston. (Wonder how they did that.)

Big John Hillarby reports:

'John () was collected from the airport and driven straight to the recording studios in Brixton, South London. He hadn't slept for a couple of days but turns in a great vocal performance (). The producer was happy with John's first cut but John wasn't and insisted on doing a few more takes.'

Production: Paul Stacey, Burkhard Hopper
Engineers: Paul Stacey, Giles Hall/ Roy Merchant, Laurie Burgess/ Calum Malcolm/ Tony Bridge, Ben Turner
CD: Linn records AKD 122 (High Definition CD)