Over The Rainbow: The Last Concert, Live

Various artists
20 Jun 1975
The Bottom Line:

Unique track that should have been on Live At Leeds.

Recorded live on the Virgin Mobile at the Rainbow Theatre, London on Sunday 16 March 1975.
Mixed at Wessex sound studios.
Released 20 June 1975 in 'limited edition' of 50.000 copies.

"Special thanks to Richard Branson and Simon Draper."

You Can Discover is performed by the magic trio with Danny Thompson on bass and John Stevens on drums. The track is listed as Discover The Lover.

Track Listing:

nr artist(s) track author(s) time
01 Sassafras Wheelin 'n' Dealin (Sassafras/ Finn) 3:14
02 Procol Harum Grand Hotel (Brooker, Reid) 7:50
03 Frankie Miller and Procol Harum Brickyard Blues (Allen Toussaint) 4:25
04 Sassafras I Am The Walrus (Lennon, McCartney) 4:17
05 Richard & Linda Thompson Hokey Pokey (Thompson) 3:40
06 Hatfield and the North Half Way Between Heaven And Earth (Richard Sinclair) 6:22
07 John Martyn Discover The Lover (Martyn) 6:10
08 Kevin Coyne Saviour (Coyne) 5:37

John gives a Live At Leeds-like introduction while the audience appears to think he's talking too much:

This is a song for...
You know we've been fairly rough to the old lady while I'd been downing booze too long, going around the bend here and there. And all the ridiculous shit comes out, like, you know:
"Remember 1942 in Clapham when you looked at that blonde the wrong way across the bar..."
"Oh I remember you saw that Portuguese lawyer driver, you dirty old sleeze pot."
All that, really slagging each other off. But when it calmed down I wrote that one. This is the song you sing, right?

The show was announced with this advertisement in the New Musical Express. Tickets were one pound...

Mold numbers:
CHR 1079 A-3U and CHR 1079 B-1U.

Production: Leo Lyons
Engineer: Mike Thompson
Remix engineer: Mike Thompson
Vinyl: Chrysalis CHR 1079
Vinyl: Chrysalis WWS-71013 (Japan)