One World... One John (DVD)

28 Feb 2012
The Bottom Line

Tell Them totally revisited.

A film by Lyn & Eleanor McMullan featuring John Martyn

Along with interviews, rehearsal footage and a bonus track (Sergeant, Sergeant).

About half of the material on this DVD is unreleased. A lot of stuff is familiar from the Tell Them video, however much of the behind the scenes and impromptu rehearsal footage of the original VHS tape has been deleted.

John Martyn - guitar and vocals
Spencer Cozens - keyboards
Arran Ahmun - drums (misspelled Aaron)
John Giblin - bass
Alan Thomson - bass
Jim Lampi - stick

Filmed between 1999 and 2003 in Scotland & Ireland.
Directed & Edited by Lyn McMullan
Produced by Eleanor McMullan

"This film on John Martyn was recorded between Nov 1999 and June 2003 in Ireland and Scotland. During the filming and afterwards we had many wonderful, unforgetteble, adventures with John. There's not a day goes by that we don't think of him."

Track details
nr title time comment
01 The Easy Blues [2:55] Acoustic
02 How Fortunate The Man With None [10:00] Previously unreleased. Heavy stuff. "A love supreme | Big Muff | You gotta have love"
03 May You Never [4:09] Acoustic
04 Couldn't Love You More [5:30] Electric
05 Cooltide [7:44] Great groove and keyboards.
06 She's A Lover [4:48] "I have no idea who these people are. Happens all the time." Segued into...
07 Solid Air [7:22]
08 Yes We Can [8:01] Good fun, free rhythm
09 Lookin' On [10:19] Different take from Tell Them VHS
10 Excuse Me Mister [4:49] Previously unreleased. Black and white.
11 You Don't Know What Love Is [3:37] Previously unreleased
12 Cocain [3:39] Acoustic
13 One World [5:25] Previously unreleased. Black and white.
14 John Wayne [8:06] Previously unreleased
15 Over The Rainbow [4:00] End credits
16 Sergeant, Sergeant [bonus track] [5:37] Previously unreleased

Total playing time 1 hour 56 minutes. Recordings were made at Vicar Street, Dublin in 1999, 2000 and 2003.
The interviews with John were recorded Banbridge, Northern Ireland, 2000.

Lyn McMullan
Paul Kenny
Darren Brown
John Gibson
Wills McConnell
Ken Dixon

Mobile Audio Recording and Mastering by Michael Taylor, Mach 2

DVD was Executive Produced by: Jim Snowden and Teresa Walsh
Art Direction & Package Design: Michael Page

Producer: Eleanor McMullan
Director: Lyn McMullan
Executive producers: Jim Snowden and Teresa Walsh
Mastering: Michael Taylor, Mach 2
Art direction: Michael Page
DVD: LSM 4014