One World Deluxe Edition

1 Nov 2004
The Bottom Line:

Remastered album with a bonus CD and a booklet.

The bonus CD contains unreleased live tracks and a lot of Another World material.

A well prepared release with nice artwork and booklet in slipcase.
One World was remastered and originally recorded at Woolwich Green Farm and Basing Street Studios, London.
The booklet contains extensive liner notes and the One World lyrics.

"Universal would like to thank: John Martyn & Teresa Walsh, Phill Brown, Cally at Antar, Jimmy Devlin and Bert Muirhead at River Records, Daryl Easlea, Alan Hodgson, Sharon Johnston, Bill Levenson, Grant McKean, Lyn McMullan, James McNair, Anne O'Shaughnessy, Rachel Richards and Chris Bennett at Capital Radio Group, Alison Ritchie, Martyn Scrivens, Neil Simpson, Mike Storey and Slavka Wren."

CD2 track listing:

01 Certain Surprise (J. Martyn) 3:06
02 Couldn't Love You More (J. Martyn) 3:05
03 One World (J. Martyn) 5:20
04 Dealer (J. Martyn) 6:11
05 Small Hours (J. Martyn) 7:18
06 Black Man At Your Shoulder (J. Martyn) 5:52
07 Dealer - 1st alternate take (J. Martyn) 4:30
08 One World - alternate version (J. Martyn) 4:05
09 Smiling Stranger - instrumental (J. Martyn) 4:41
10 Big Muff - alternate version with drums (L. Perry/ J. Martyn) 6:45
11 Certain Surprise - alternate version (J. Martyn) 4:46
12 Dancing - alternate version (J. Martyn) 3:43
13 Big Muff - drum machine version (L. Perry/ J. Martyn) 4:51
14 Dealer - 2nd alternate version (J. Martyn) 4:54
15 Small Hours - instrumental version (J. Martyn) 10:19

The first five tracks of the bonus CD are unreleased and recorded live at Regents Park in the summer of 1978.
The last ten tracks are presented as 'Studio Outtakes', they come from the unofficial and banned Another World release.
On the slipcase, Black Man At Your Shoulder is misspelled 'Black Man At The Shoulder'.

The 2CD Box One World Deluxe should not be confused with the 2CD release One World by Artful/ PRISM which is in fact a reissue of the Classics sampler in the Avoidables section.

Production: Chris Blackwell
Engineers: Phill Brown, Frank Owen, Robert Ash
Project co-ordination for Universal: Joe Black
Digitally remastered: Paschal Byrne, Mark Powell (Audio Archive, London)
Tape research: Mark Powell, Zoe Roberts (Universal Tape Library)
Original art & design: Tony Wright
Deluxe Edition design: Neil Simpson (Green Ink)
With thanks to John Hillarby for his help with this release
2CD: Universal/ Island 981 922-2