Man In The Hills

Burning Spear
1 Jan 1976
The Bottom Line:

Physical but little proof of John's sabbatical in Jamaica.

Regular reggae album, meaning two chords and little room for guitar.

Like John said, 'just sessions', recorded during his sabbatical.
Recorded at Randy's Recording Studio and Harry Jay's Recording Studio, Kingston, Jamaica.

On various occasions, John also claimed having participated in Max Romeo sessions but these have not yet been identified.

Track Listing:

nr track author(s) time comment
01 Man In The Hills (W. Rodney) 4:00  
02 It's Good (W. Rodney/ P. Fullwood) 2:44  
03 No More War (W. Rodney) 3:20 Some echo and wah wah.
04 Black Soul (W. Rodney) 3:25 Wah wah, Wes Montgomery tones
05 Lion (W. Rodney) 3:12  
06 People Get Ready (W. Rodney) 3:23  
07 Children (W. Rodney) 3:44  
08 Mother (W. Rodney) 3:37 Hey, echo and wah wah!
09 Door Peep (W. Rodney) 2:38 Wah wah from Jah.
10 Groovy (W. Rodney) 3:57  
Production: Jack Ruby
Vinyl: Island ILPS 9412
CD: Mango RRCD 15 846 565-2