Love Songs: A Compilation... Old And New

Phil Collins
28 Sep 2004
The Bottom Line:

Tearing And Breaking is co-written by John.

Originally meant for 2002 Testify album but John does not play or sing.

Tearing And Breaking was lying in the vault and originally recorded for Phil´s 2002 album Testify but eventually not included. Lyrics were written by John Martyn and Phil Collins; John also wrote the music. He does not play or sing on this recording, though.

The US release surfaced 28 September, the UK release followed 1 November.

The song was rerecorded at Phil Collins' request for the tribute project Johnny Boy Would Love This (2011).


nr title author(s) time comment
01 Tearing And Breaking (P. Collins/ J. Martyn) 5:32 Recorded 2001 during Testify sessions but not included
02 Do You Remember? (P. Collins) 4:37 From But Seriously (1989)
03 One More Night (P. Collins) 4:52 From No Jacket Required (1985)
04 Against All Odds (P. Collins) 3:25 From 1989 single
05 Can't Turn Back The Years (P. Collins) 4:38 From Both Sides (1993)
06 Groovy Kind Of Love (C. Bayer Sager/ T. Wine) 3:30 From Buster movie soundtrack (1988) and 1991 single
07 Everyday (P. Collins) 5:42 From Both Sides (1993)
08 Don't Let Him Steal Your Heart Away (P. Collins) 4:46 From Hello, I Must Be Going (1982)
09 Please Come Out Tonight (P. Collins) 5:48 From Both Sides (1993)
10 This Must Be Love (P. Collins) 3:34 From Face Value (1981)
11 It's In Your Eyes (P. Collins) 2:53 From Dance Into The Light (1996)
12 Can't Stop Loving You (B. Nicholls) 4:18 From Testify (2002)


nr title author(s) time comment
01 Testify (P. Collins) 6:32 From Testify (2002)
02 True Colors (live) (Steinberg/ Kelly) 5:32 A capella rehearsal
03 You'll Be In My Heart (P. Collins/ M. Mancina) 4:18 From Tarzan soundtrack (1999)
04 If Leaving Me Is Easy (P. Collins) 4:54 From Face Value (1981)
05 I've Been Trying (C. Mayfield) 5:00 Previously unreleased but there was a version on A Tribute To Curtis Mayfield (1994)
06 I've Forgotten Everything (P. Collins) 4:36 From Both Sides (1993)
07 Somewhere (L. Bernstein/ S. Sondheim) 4:01 Previously unreleased but there was a version on The Songs Of West Side Story (1996)
08 Least You Can Do (P. Collins/ D. Stürmer) 5:07 Not from Testify (2002) but recorded 2000 in LA for previous incarnation of Love Songs and included here by accident
09 Two Hearts (P. Collins) 3:24 From Buster movie soundtrack (1988)
10 Separate Lives (live) (Stephen Bishop) 5:15 Duet with Bridgette Bryant
11 My Girl (live) (William 'Smokey' Robinson) 3:43  
12 Always (live) (Irving Berlin) 4:31 Previously unreleased
13 The Way You Look Tonight (live) (Jerome Kern/ Dorothy Fields) 4:00  
Production: Tony Smith
Compilation: Geoff Callingham
2CD: Virgin PHILCDX2