Lonely Love | Man In The Station

1 Dec 1992
The Bottom Line:

Sloppy release with wrong track and last time Permanent tried to support John's career.

The vinyl record has a red paper label. Both cover and label falsely state Man In The Station being the flipside; in fact it is May You Never. This is symptomatic for the Permanent/ Artful approach: wrong tracks, misspelled titles and even completely corrupted CDs. This single sold so poorly that I was the first one to discover they had the wrong title listed.

"Mixed by Matt Butler at A.I.R., mastered by Steve Rooke at Abbey Road Studios, London."

Mold numbers:
7 PERM 8 A1 and 7 PERM 8 B1 (both hand carved, also "MPO").

Production: Matt Butler
Engineers: Matt Butler, Geoff Foster, Lachlan Mitchell, Greg Sangster
Art layout and design: Steven D. Schwachter
Photo: Hannah Garbutt Perry, taken by Nick White
Back cover photograph: Alex Hemming
Vinyl 7": Permanent 7 PERM 8