Live From London (US DVD)

29 Aug 2000
The Bottom Line:

DVD of substandard technical quality but good music. Of course.

Introduction consists of 45 seconds of typical pop scene Live from London title music.
Recorded 23 November 1984 in London, Camden Palace.

Line-up: Foster Paterson (keyboards and bass synthesiser), Jeff Allen (drums) and Danny Cummings (percussion). The tape sleeve falsely credits Danny Thompson for percussion.

DVD released in US 29 August 2000. The tracks are called 'Chapters'. 'Special DVD features: Biography, Discography, Photo Gallery.' These are not very impressive to say the least. Percussionist Cummings is credited rightly here. But Paterson is misspelled 'Peterson'. The sound quality is not acceptable, especially in the more dynamic sections. Also they cut off 1'15" from the last track Sapphire for no apparent reason.

The European DVD has a better quality and an extra CD layer on the back. But this one is more complete.

Production: Phillip Goodhand-Tait
Director: Don Coutts
Copyright: Trilion Pictures
Stills photographs: Robert Barber
DVD: K-Tel 7024-9 (US)