1 Jul 1995
The Bottom Line:

Fine collection of well recorded songs. These tapes have bass!

Recorded live 31 March 1990, at the Shaw Theatre, London with the Advision Mobile.
Mixed May/June 1995 at Raezor Studio; digital editing at Studio 75;
CD mastered at Transformation.
Same performance is captured on video: The Apprentice Tour.

US rerelease as Dirty, Down & Live November 1999.
22 November 2004, Universal rereleased it as Classics Live on the Absolute label.
4 Feb 2008 Voiceprint rereleased a 'remastered' version on OW133CD with new sleevenotes by John Hillarby.

Production: Peter Watts
Engineers: Mike Engels, Pete Craigie, Gary Stewart
Design, layout: Ian Baldwin
2CD: Permanent PERM CD 33
2CD: Blueprint BP280CD
2CD: Resurgence OW101CD
2CD: Griffin Music GCD 832-2 (Nov 1999, US)
2CD: Absolute PBZ10 (22 Nov 2004)
2CD: One World OW133CD (4 Feb 2008)