Deny This Love (remix) | The Apprentice (live)

1 Aug 1990
The Bottom Line:

One of the rare occasions where a remix proves better than the original.

The remix of Deny This Love does not have the 'Sweet Jesus' intro. It also features a guitar solo by Robert Fife. He used to support John on a few tour dates and was a member of Ruby Blue.

The Apprentice live track is not the same as on the Live album, but was recorded in the Shaw Theatre in London between March 27 and April 7 1990.

'Special thanks to JLP Management, Chaz Keep, Anthony Coote, Toby Alington & The Shaw Theatre.'

There also was a CD-single with one track extra, the regular version of Deny This Love.

The single had catalogue number Perm1 on the cover and catalogue numer PERM S12 on the white label. Strange.

Mold numbers:
PERM 1A-1J-1 and PERM 1B-1J-1.
Side 1 also has The Exchange carved in surface.

Production: Peter Watts, Tony Phillips
Remix: Tony Phillips
Artwork: Aiden Hughes
Vinyl 7": Permanent PERM 1 (sleeve)
Vinyl 7": Permanent PERM S12 (label)