Couldn't Love You More

28 Sep 1992
The Bottom Line:

Unfortunate attempt to rerecord the back catalogue. The songs are not bad per se but the album as a whole lacks variation and it was released without John's consent.

Entirely new versions of old songs, often revisited after twenty years. Recorded at the Wool Hall, A.I.R. Studios (London) and the Astoria (London). Mixed by Matt Butler at A.I.R., mastered by Steve Rooke at Abbey Road Studios, London.

Release of this album happened without John's consent. The sleeve can easily pose as the ugliest one in John's entire catalogue. The vinyl version only counts 10 tracks and the vinyl is not of the greatest quality, either.

Universe CDSP 99893 has a different track listing: Lonely Love, Couldn't Love You More, Sweet Little Mystery, Head And Heart, Could've Been Me, May You Never, Ways To Cry, Angeline, Man In The Station, Solid Air, One Day Without You, One World, Never Let Me Go, Over The Hill, Fine Lines.

coverItalian release (see right) has different cover based on the Sweet Little Mystery picture and a turquoise CD with original track listing.

2 April 2007 Voiceprint rereleased the album on the One World label (OW126CD) with two bonus tracks from Live At Bristol '91: Couldn't Love You More and Never Let Me Go. This re-release is to be found in the Collectors Items section.

Track times

nr track time
01 Lonely Love 4:01
02 Couldn't Love You More 3:50
03 Sweet Little Mystery 4:25
04 Head And Heart 4:06
05 Could've Been Me 3:55
06 One Day Without You 4:33
07 Over The Hill 3:05
08 Fine Lines 3:58
09 May You Never 3:34
10 One World 6:26
11 Ways To Cry 4:43
12 Angeline 5:18
13 Man In The Station 3:53
14 Solid Air 6:30
15 Never Let Me Go 3:23
Production: Matt Butler
Engineers: Matt Butler, Geoff Foster, Lachlan Mitchell, Greg Sangster
Cover art, layout and design: Steven D. Schwachter
CD: Permanent PERM CD9
CD: Rhino RHI 79057 CD (US)
CD: Festival D31020 (Australia)
CD: Indelible INDELCD13 (US, 18 May 1998)
CD: Gala Records GLA 20862 (Italy)
CD: Universe CDSP 99893 ('licensed from Permanent Records')