Cooltide (remastered & expanded)

27 Aug 2007
The Bottom Line:

Two live bonus tracks from Dutch radio.

The release contains an 8 page booklet with liner notes by John Hillarby and the lyrics of Cooltide and Call Me.

The first two bonus tracks are from the Jack The Lad CD-single (Permanent CD PERM3).

The live tracks come from a 1991 Dutch radio session described in the RTV section. The engineer of this release mixed in some applause to create a live atmosphere.

Track listing

Album tracks
nr track time comment
01 Hole In The Rain 4:41
02 Annie Says 5:01
03 Jack The Lad 6:42
04 Number Nine 3:44
05 The Cure 4:14
06 Same Difference 4:24
07 Father Time 5:36
08 Call Me 5:41
09 Cooltide 12:29
Bonus tracks
10 Jack The Lad (remix) 4:19 Remix by Matt Butler.
11 Jack Sez 3:49 Jack The Lad in a more funky rock approach. Probably a demo.
12 Jack The Lad (live) 5:33 Recorded 3rd November 1991 in Dutch Vara radio studio for '2 Meter Sessies' program.
13 Hole In The Rain (live) 5:24
Mastering: Dallas Simpson
Artwork: Jon Price @ kadu ink
CD: One World OW129CD