9 Sep 1991
The Bottom Line:

Interesting album with often spontaneous lyrics and John exploring his vocal technique, adding the Choking Horse to his Strangled Duck from 1986.

'Special thanks to: Annie/ Spencer McGeachy/ Kenny McDonald/ Archie Higgins/ The Grove.'

Recorded and mixed at Ca Va Sound Workshops, Glasgow, May, June and July 1991.
Brian Young has an interesting footnote: "A big highlight this year was during the mixing of John Martyn's Cooltide album when the studio was visited by John's friend - Bonnie Raitt! She sang wonderfully to John's title track, but unfortunately contractually could not be recorded."

According to International Musician (1991) the album was recorded and mixed in 18 days. John: 'We just walked in and plonk.'

Production: John Martyn, Brian Young, Spencer Cozens
Engineers: Brian Young, Tony Doogan
Front and back sleeve paintings: Douglas McKechnie
Vinyl: Permanent PERM LP4
Vinyl: Hypertension HYLP 200116 (150 gr superior quality pressing, strictly limited edition 2000 copies)
CD: Permanent PERM CD4 or CD004
CD: Hypertension HYCD 200116 (Ariola/ARIS 883811)
CD: One World OW103CD (1 June 2001)
CD: Indelible Records INDELCD11 (US)