Ask Me No Questions

Bridget St. John
1 Sep 1969
The Bottom Line:

John plays guitar on two tracks; early work in the vein of London Conversation.

Ask Me No Questions was recorded in 10 hours over two evening sessions in CBS studios. Other musicians are 'Dominic'1 on bongos and Rick Sanders on guitar. Ït was the first release of John Peel's Dandelion label.
John plays acoustic fingerstyle guitar on Curl Your Toes and the title track Ask Me No Questions. He is clearly present on the right channel.

The original record had a gatefold cover with lyrics printed inside.
The back cover is the same as the front except that the picture is different and artist name and album title have been switched.

Sleeve credits
To B without a Hitch
Autumn Lullaby
Curl your Toes
Second guitar - John Martyn, courtesy Island Records and Witchseason Productions Ltc.
Like never before
The curious crystals of unusual purity
Barefeet and hot pavements
Bongos - Dominic

I like to be with you in the sun (song for the Laird of Connaught Hall)
Bongos - Dominic
Lizard-Long-Tongue Boy
Second guitar - Ric Sanders
Hello Again (of course)
Many Happy Returns
Second guitar - Ric Sanders
Broken Faith
Ask me no questions
Second guitar - John Martyn

Track Listing:

nr track author(s) time
01 To B Without A Hitch (Bridget St. John) 3:08
02 Autumn Lullaby (Bridget St. John) 3:00
03 Curl Your Toes (Bridget St. John) 2:58
04 Like Never Before (Bridget St. John) 3:13
05 The Curious Crystals Of Unusual Purity (Bridget St. John) 3:58
06 Barefeet And Hot Pavements (Bridget St. John) 2:45
07 I Like To Be With You In The Sun (Song for the laird of Connaught Hall) (Bridget St. John) 2:33
08 Lizard-Long-Tongue Boy (Bridget St. John) 3:07
09 Hello Again (Of Course) (Bridget St. John) 4:10
10 Many Happy Returns (Bridget St. John) 2:16
11 Broken Faith (Bridget St. John) 4:56
12 Ask Me No Questions (Bridget St. John) 7:48

Ask Me No Questions was reissued in 1994 in combination with Bridget's second album from 1971, Songs For The Gentle Man. The latter album contains a cover version of Back To Stay, written by John Martyn (from London Conversation). On the CD this is track #15 but the sleeve falsely attributes track #16 to John, Seagull-Sunday.


1 Dominic who? In the sleevenotes of the See For Miles CD release, Nigel Cross claims that Simon Stable was the bongo player (real name Simon de la Bédoyère). This was confirmed by Bridget in an interview.
I had to guess the release date but Dandelion Records was founded 18 July 1969 when they released their first single. This album, their first, came out a few months later.

Production: John Peel
Engineer: Mike Ross
Vinyl: Dandelion D9 101
Vinyl: Action 63750
CD: See For Miles SEECD408 (29 Sep 1994)
CD: Cherry Red CDMRED282 (14 Nov 2005)