John Stevens' Away
4 Jun 1976
The Bottom Line:

Bit too spontaneous jam effort with interesting jazz artist that played drums during Live At Leeds gigs.

John Martyn on guitar [and vocals].

Embossed label text says:

Anni Pt.I (Stevens)
John Stevens' Away
featuring John Martyn
Produced by John Stevens and
Co-ordinated by Terry Yason
for Away Productions

Side A: Anni (Part 1), 3:14
Side B: Anni (Part 2), 4:14

Anni was recorded in a session that took place at the Phonogram studio, London, 30 March 1976. Personnel were
Robert Calvert (sax), John Martyn (electric guitar/ vocals), Dave Cole (electric guitar), Nick Stephens (bass guitar), Ron Herman (bass), John Stevens (drums). The tapes were recorded by Steve Lillywhite.
Several takes of Daffodils were also recorded but this track did not surface until 1994 (A Luta Continua).

Peter Stubley writes:

The two sides of the Vertigo single were edited from a continuous performance of longer duration. The single was also included in a compilation album entitled ‘The Old Grey Whistle Test – Take 2’ (BEDP 001). Nick Stephens’ diary suggests the March recording date although a Phonogram session reel for Daffodils was dated May 23rd, 1976. This latter date may just have been the date on which the tracks were mixed. 15ips st. session reel with Daffodils (tk 1–3): NSA C577/74 + dub from 7.5ips st. session reel with all titles: C577/191. The single was reviewed by Frank Elson in Blues & Soul 18/5/76 p11, by Caroline Coon in Melody Maker 29/5/76 p3 and by Brian Case in NME 12/6/76.

(Info from European Free Improvisation Pages)

Mold numbers:
6059140 1F//1 M
6059140 2F//1 M

Production: John Stevens
Engineer: Steve Lillywhite
Co-ordination: Terry Yason
Vinyl 7": Vertigo 6059 140
Also on LP: Superbeeb BEDP 001
2CD: Beat Goes On BGOCD1198 (bonus tracks)