Alright Now - Island Records 25th Anniversary

Various Artists
1 Jan 1988
The Bottom Line

Music video highlighting the spirit and musical diversity of Island Records over the last 25 years.

Mostly live performance, all re-mixed for stereo hi-fi. Artists include: Robert Palmer, The Christians, Eric Clapton, Sly and Robbie, Aswad, Julian Cope, Troublefunk, Bob Marley and U2. And John Martyn. The show was also televised and in the tv-listing Free and Spencer Davis Group were also mentioned.

The actual live recordings were made in Pinewood studios with a lot of Sly & Robbie.

Track details

nr track artist author(s) time comment
01 My Boy Lollipop Millie [Small] [Roberts/ Spencer] [1:57] Mono clip june 1964.
02 Johnny & Mary Robert Palmer [R. Palmer] [3:48] Live. Boring.
03 Addicted To Love Robert Palmer [R. Palmer] [3:49] Live. No babes.
04 Sweet Little Woman Joe Cocker [A. Fraser] [4:11] Live.
05 World Shut Your Mouth Julian Cope [J. Cope] [3:15] Live.
06 Bubbling Aswad and the Allstars [Forde/ Gaye/ Robinson] [3:57] Live, trenchcoat reggae.
07 Where The Streets Have No Name U2 [Bono/ Clayton/ Edge/ Mullen] [4:07] Los Angeles rooftop documentary clip.
08 My One Temptation Mica Paris [M. Leeson/ P. Vale/ M. Waters] [3:23] Clip.
09 Soon I Will Be Gone Paul Rodgers and Andy Summers [Fraser/ Rodgers] [2:43] Unplugged live.
10 Fire Sly & Robbie with Troublefunk [Beck/ Bonner/ Jones/ Middlebrook/ Ohio Players/
Satchell/ Williams]
[3:36] Live.
11 Don't Turn Around Aswad [Hammond/ Warren] [3:11] Clip.
12 Father And Son Cat Stevens [C. Stevens] [3:35] Clip.
13 Patterns In The Rain John Martyn [F. Paterson] [3:18] Live. Manifestation of crooner ambitions. John and Foster Paterson behind white grand piano, without guitar! Recorded 4 July 1987, Pinewood Studios.
14 I Shot The Sheriff Eric Clapton [B. Marley] [4:05] Live.
15 Downtown Train Tom Waits [T. Waits] [3:48] Black & white clip.
16 Demolition Man Grace Jones [Sting] [2:45] Clip.
17 Hooverville The Christians [Christians] [3:55] Live clip.
18 Two Tribes Frankie Goes To Hollywood [Frankie Goes To Hollywood] [3:22] Clip.
19 Similar Features Melissa Etheridge [M. Etheridge] [3:40] Unplugged live clip.
20 Ma 'tit Fille Buckwheat Zydeco [Dural] [3:39] Live.
21 No Woman No Cry Bob Marley [V. Ford] [6:04] Mono, live clip.

A Zenith production in association with Island Visual Arts ltd. The production is copyrighted 1987, but the 'compilation' 1988. The jubileum was also celebrated with the release in July 1987 of a double LP/CD (31 tracks, 7 90684) and a CD (20 tracks, CID 25) titled The Island Story (1962-1987). To make things more complicated, also a box set of four tapes and a 20 page booklet were released under the title Island Life.

Director: Royston Mayo
Producer: Malcom Gerrie
Executive producers: Andrea Wonfor, Marc Marot
VHS: Island Visual Arts IVA 007 (80 minutes)