About Thyme

Jacqui McShee, Gerry Conway, Spencer Cozens
24 Jul 1995
The Bottom Line:

Some very soft Martyn might be recognized on one track: Don't Turn On The Light.

Recorded and mixed at The Elephant Recording Studios, Wapping, London, January-March 1995.
Preparations started August 1994.

A lot of musicians from the albums since Couldn't Love You More/ No Little Boy are present, including the engineer. Apart from Cozens and Conway also John Giblin, Miles Bould and Jerry Underwood.

In the booklet a small John Martyn photograph is reproduced with left and right switched.

John plays with Jacqui McShee (vocals), Gerry Conway (drums), Spencer Cozens (keyboards), Scott Firth (bass and guitar), Mike Mainieri (vibes), Albert Lee (guitar) and Miles Bould (percussion).

Track Listing:

nr title author(s) time
01 Jabalpur (Conway, Cozens, McShee) 6:56
02 Lovely Joan (trad. arr. Conway, Cozens, McShee) 6:00
03 Thyme (trad. arr. Conway, Cozens, McShee) 7:25
04 Factory Girl (trad. arr. Conway, Cozens, McShee) 5:19
05 Would You? (Conway, Cozens, McShee) 4:20
06 Little Voices (Leah's Song) (Conway, Cozens, McShee) 5:47
07 Sandwood Down To Kyle (Dave Goulder) 5:39
08 Indiscretion (Sammy Cahn/ Paul Weston) 3:35
09 Don't Turn On The Light (Conway, Cozens, McShee) 6:49
10 The Wife Of Ushers Well (trad. arr. Conway, Cozens, McShee) 6:28
Production: Jacqui McShee, Gerry Conway, Spencer Cozens
Engineer: Matt Buttler
CD: GJS Records GJSCD 012