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29 Jun 1981
BBC Transcription Service

The Bottom Line:

The big Punk confrontation.

This record contains four live tracks recorded for BBC Live In Concert at the Paris Theatre, London, 25th March 1981.
Together with Some People Are Crazy, they were also released on the BBC Live In Concert 2CD from 2007 (Island 984 898-1).

These records are EXTREMELY rare. The BBC Transcription Service was founded to license BBC Radio programmes to overseas broadcasters, who were authorised to broadcast the programmes for a set period, usually two or three years. The programmes sold in this way covered every part of the BBC's output. Typically only one hundred copies of each disc were pressed with instructions to the overseas radio network to DESTROY THE DISC at the end of the licence period.

On the label it says specifically:
Copyright record made in England by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Reproduction restricted to broadcasting stations authorised by the BBC.
Use expires 31.10.85 unless contracted otherwise. Annual subscription permits continued use for duration of contract.

John Martyn - guitars, vocals
Max Middleton - keyboards
Alan Thomson - bass
Jeff Allen - drums
Danny Cummings - percussion

Track table
nr artist track time
A1 Spizzles Downtown 2:55
A2 Spizzles Risk 3:40
A3 Spizzles Brainwashing Time 4:20
A4 Spizzles 5 Year Mission 5:40
A5 Spizzles Work 3:30
A6 Spizzles Clocks Are Big 0:35
A7 Spizzles Where's Captain Kirk? 2:05
A8 Spizzles Soldier 3:35
B1 John Martyn Band Big Muff 8:53
B2 John Martyn Band Grace And Danger 6:30
B3 John Martyn Band Save Some 3:50
B4 John Martyn Band Johnny Too Bad 8:50

Total time side 1 is 28:57 minutes, side 2 29:23 minutes.
As a whole the album adds up to 58:20 minutes.

Mold numbers
149163-S (side 1)
149164-S (side 2)

Part of the material used for this page was pulled from Discogs. I had to reconstruct the sleeves.

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